Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Tring Together Christmas Festival

Hello its me the hare again!

On Friday the 30th November we bell jangling Morris lot danced at Tring Together Christmas Festival which  had a terrific festive atmosphere and wonderful to see so many people enjoying the Christmas cheer.

We were dancing at the crossroads in the high street with the fabulous Whitchurch Morris (with some of Towersey Morris too). It was lovely to have so many of you along joining us for some dancing, bell jangling and stick bashing fun.

Cold, but dancing kept us warm
Tring Photographer Stephen Kitchener took some lovely photos of the Festival, you can see his album of photos (including New Moon Morris) on Facebook HERE.

There is also an excellent VIDEO of the Berkhamsted and Tring Christmas Festivals by Roger Robinson - with some footage of New Moon performing and the Whitchurch/Towersey dancers. 
After dancing we retreated to the Kings Arm's for some beverages and music.

For those that joined us and came down the rabbit hole thank-you. Those who didn't this is what you missed. Will you follow me down the rabbit hole next time?

Monday, 3 December 2018

Meet The Members - Musician Jackie Barnett

Jackie Barnett - New Moon Morris Musician

Who are you and what do you do in the group? (Dancer, Musician - Jack of all trades)

Why Morris dancing?
Love the idea of being part of an ancient tradition
Jackie in Tring
Why NMM and not another side?
Love the outfit, looking back and moving forward
Whats your favourite thing about being in NMM?
Love the outfit! Love music, learning songs, entertaining the public and watching the dancers
How long have you been with NMM?
1 Year 11 Months

Performing in Tring for the Christmas Market

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Meet The Members - Squire Darryl Jones

Darryl Jones - Our Squire


Who are you and what do you do in the group? (Dancer, Musician - Jack of all trades)  I am the newly appointed Squire of NMM. I predominantly dance but also bang a drum and shake a tambourine.
Why Morris dancing? 
I love morris dancing it keeps me off the street and I get to meet strangely wonderful people.
Why New Moon Morris and not another side?  
I used to dance for another Cotswold side, but I like NMM because of their vastly radical approach to morris involving dancing all different styles to all different types of music and they let me wear a kilt what more could you want.
Whats your favourite thing about being in New Moon Morris?
The people pure and simple.
How long have you been with New Moon Morris?
2 years.
How did you get involved?
I was being harassed to join by my good friend Mr Lindridge.

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Red Cuthbert Morris Ale

On the evening of the 17th November New Moon Morris attended Red Cuthbert Morris Annual Morris Ale. It was lovely to have received an invitation to what was a great Morris event full of dancing, food, ale and great company. 

We were joined by many sides (from far and wide) dancing Cotswold and North West styles. Their are different types of Morris styles. Cotswold Morris is probably the one style your most 'au fait' with. Usually involves handkerchiefs, sticks and high skipping movements. North West is clog dancing with high knees.

Here is New Moon Morris dancing Rose Moon at the Ale for your delight (links to Facebook)...


Have you ever been to an Morris Ale? Morris Ales are when a Morris side host other Morris sides for an evening of Morris Dancing, Ale and food. This is another aspect of life as a Morris Dancer! It really is great fun! Following a hare down the rabbit hole really does lead to many great adventures. Next event we are attending is Tring Christmas Festival on 30th November so will you come along and follow me down the rabbit hole?

Monday, 12 November 2018

Dancing The Sun Down 2018

On the 28th October we merry Morris lot went to dance on top of Pitstone Hill warts and all!

Well wrapped up against the cold


It was quite chilly, even for a 'Hare' in its winter coat! The atmosphere was very special and the countryside views were stunning. With sticks (or a 'Hare's' whip) in our hands and bells on our toes we danced 'The Sun Down' in celebration of the coming winter.

It was lovely seeing so many of you lovely folk joining us this year. After the sun had gone and the moon had come we went of to the pub for a Folk Session. It was lovely to enjoy each others company whilst sharing folk music, enjoying fine brews and warming our 'cockles' by the fire.

For those that came thank-you and those who didn't this is what you missed! We are often 'out and about' so come and join us. Our next session is on the 19th November at the Half Moon in Wilstone for one of our folk nights. Will you come and 'Follow me down the rabbit hole'?

More photos from the excellent Tring photographer Stephen Kitchener in his Facebook album HERE.

The photos below are all from Zenon Blicharski. Many thanks to Zenon for allowing us to use these!
New Moon gathered on Pitstone Hill

New Moon Morris watch the Sun go down

New Moon's Green Man - 'mini Martin'

Louise dances
The band in the cold
The band - Vale of Aylesbury behind

Sun Down

Sunday, 11 November 2018

New Blog Author

Hi I'm Fran! I have been a member of New Moon Morris for just over a year. I am the fool for the side. Will you follow me down the 'Rabbit Hole'? 

I am taking over our blog as part of the publicity team. 

Great plans our afoot so watch this space...

Current ideas are as follows: 

  • Talk about upcoming events
  • Talk about what we've been doing - were you there?
  • Meet the members
  • 'Behind the Scenes' of New Moon Morris - walk over to the dark side!
  • History of Morris Dancing

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

For Facebook Followers

New Moon has a new Facebook Page. This will contain all our news, information, photos and videos, and our old Facebook Group will eventually be closed to new posts.

If you want to follow what New Moon is doing, and what events we will be performing at, then 'Like' the Page, which is HERE.

You will also find things like videos, that can best be seen on Facebook.