Thursday, 22 September 2016

An update on 2016

We haven't got to the end of the year yet, and have a number of events still to come, but because it has been difficult for me to keep up with posts on this blog over the summer, due to personal reasons, it seems like a good time to post an update of all that we have been doing so far this year.

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In April we visited Pitstone Museum again, a very enjoyable event.

Louise in full swing

The following week we went to Oxford, where we danced in several locations.

the musicians concentrating...

Squire Martin attacks the crowds

Smiles and Ribbons
On St George's day we were invited by Whitchurch Morris to their Aylesbury day of dance.  We danced at various locations moving towards the centre of Aylebury, where several sides had a massed dance in the shopping centre.

At the very welcoming Angler's Retreat in Marsworth
Dancing at World's End Garden Centre, Wendover

 Taking it seriously!

 Waltzing to the band

We march through the Shopping Centre in Aylesbury
Dancing in the shopping centre

At the end of April we went to Rochester, for the famous sweeps' festival:
In step

Excellent hats

Charles and Martin join the Gong Scourers


Witchmen with sticks

In May we were the guests of Wicket Brood at the Rising Sun in Berkhamsted - an event that was captured on video by the local DeeTV.

Video opens in new window.

In mid June we had a very busy weekend.  Many of the side danced in St Albans, then they headed up to Stoke Bruerne for the Boat Festival there, where others were already staying. We played in the evening, then danced by the lock the following day in the sunshine.

Always time for music, even in a break
Lockside dancing
Dancing 'Moonlight'

Marching out
'Vampire Moon'
Avoiding the lock is always important
'Monkey Hey'
We had a break over the summer, although we did manage to dance with Whitchurch Morris at the Half Moon in Wilstone. As we finished our dance we packed up our instruments and a beautiful full moon rose over the pub.

In September we headed for the Folk Festival in Swanage:

The Saturday started in very heavy rain, as those of us travelling down the motorway in the morning found out, but it stopped raining around lunchtime, and by the afternoon we had brilliant sunshine.  Swanage is a small town, the beach is right next to the promenade, and there is a strong feeling of old fashioned family holidays.
Even the band get to dance sometimes
the end of Worcestershire Monkey
'Vampire Moon', ribbons and waistcoats
David - 'Whalebone'
Squire Martin in the sunshine

At the end of the Saturday all the sides line up for a processional dance through the town and along the promenade, at the end, each side splits into two and turns to face the oncoming dancers, making a tunnel for them to pass under.  As they do this they cheer and congratulate the oncoming dancers - a really wonderful feeling for those arriving at the end of the long processional dance.

A great place to dance


photo: Susan Stimpson

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